Atun Chemicals

Our company, which produces metal surface treatment chemicals and provides continuous technical support about the subject, offers a best quality with an innovative approach to the needs of the sector with a continuous R & D work. In simple terms, if you’re looking for the best metal surface chemicals, you’re in the right place.

Our products are used in all metal working processes in white goods, aluminum, automotive and energy sectors.

Atun Chemicals, the new dynamic of the sector!

Our primary goal is to keep your satisfaction at the highest level with our expert team, high quality products and advantageous prices. We prioritize R & D activities and believe that customer labor will achieve an effective success. Our sustainable working methods and principles and the satisfaction of our long term business partnerships make our company one of the growing brand values of the sector.

Our Basic Principles

  • Honesty
  • Punctuality
  • ustainability
  • Transparency




Murat Bingöl


Founder Murat Bingöl, after his university education, introduced Atun Kimya, which provides solutions to the needs in this area in the fields of Chemistry, Energy and Production.

tel. +90 216 491 29 87


Hot Dip Galvanizing

Wire and Tube Forming

Aluminum Treatment

Automotive Spare Parts

Roller Industry

General Industry

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