Phosphate Removers

It is mainly used for cleaning oil and lubricants on phosphate parts and removing phosphate layer. Bolt is very effective for removing and cleaning phosphate in heat treatment lines. Products

Hot-dip Galvanized Coating

It is formed by coating the steel surfaces in the zinc bath which is melted at about 4500c temperature. Hot-dip galvanizing is the wearing of steel. Therefore, hot dip galvanizing has been imposed on the use of steel in many areas, from construction and construction to the energy sector. Atun Kimya offers you the following…

Aluminum Coating

It is the process of coating aluminum and aluminum cast parts with chrome and chromium-free products which are preferred before powder coating. It is widely used by aluminum profile manufacturers. The choice of chrome or chromium-free products varies due to factors such as environment, treatment, quality and cost. Products

Zirconium Coating

It is our new generation product group which is used to provide good adhesion of the paint to the surface and to increase the corrosion resistance of iron, steel, cast iron, aluminum and galvanized parts before coating. Products

Black Phosphate Coating

Black phosphate coating products  are made in order to cover steel and casting surfaces such as machine gears, gun parts with black color at high temperatures. Following this process, the parts are quickly fed into the oil baths, so that the steel surfaces provide maximum corrosion resistance. Black Phosphate Coating Products

Vibration processing

It is alkaline, neutral and acidic products used in degreasing, deburring, tip correction, polishing, etching on metal surfaces in vibration machines. Iron, steel, aluminum, copper, zamak etc. Suitable for metals such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper, zamak etc. Products

Manganese Phosphate Coating

Manganese phosphate coating is often used with oils and lubricants to reduce the friction coefficient of steel surfaces such as impellers or gears, to prevent abrasion and to provide maximum protection of parts against corrosion. Mainly used in the automotive and weapons sector. Manganese Phosphate Coating Products

Paint Removal

Paint removers, electrostatic powder paint or wet paint coated metal surfaces, paint on the surface of the alkali or solvent-based products without causing damage to metal. Products

Acid Inhibitors

Hydrochloric acid is used for the use in sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid baths to prevent unnecessary wear of metals and to reduce hydrogen embrittlement. Products