Zinc Phosphatizing

Zinc phosphate products are preferred by many industries such as white goods, automotive, wire and tube industry.Generally, zinc phosphate products to be used prior to painting provide 4-6 g / m2 coating weight. Zinc phosphate products that are used prior to painting according to the requirements of the sector and customer demands provide diversity within…

Corrosion inhibitors

Anticorrosive products cover iron, steel and cast parts with a film layer and prevent metal surfaces from coming into contact with air. Corrosion protection is recommended if parts are to be left for more than a few days. It can also be used in impermeability operations. Products


It is used to clean oil and sliders on metal surfaces such as iron, steel, aluminum. It can be applied by dipping, spray and ultrasonic methods. Degreasing products are divided into three groups as acidic, alkali and neutral. Products

Iron Phosphatising

It is generally used in pre-paint preparation of wet and powder paint operations of metal surfaces. It is one of the oldest surface preparation methods known today. The main purpose of the product is to form a thin layer of phosphate on the surface, to ensure better adhesion of the paint to the surface. Iron…