Phoric Soap

After zinc phosphating for wire drawing and pipe drawing operations, it provides corrosion resistance, prevents rusting and covers the steel wires and pipes with a slippery layer. Low carbon and annealed wires such as bolts are especially advantageous in gravitational operations. Creates a slippery surface and reduces dry soap costs depending on the reduction ratio…

Hydrogen Peroxide

Appearance: Pale Blue Color Chemical name: Hydrogen dioxide solution Chemical Formula: H2 O2 Packaging Type: 65 kg Canisters, Bottles, Tanker Releated Processes

Iron 3 Chloride

Appearance: Colored, Fragrant Liquid Chemical Name: Ferric Chloride, Iron (3+) Chloride Chemical Formula: FeCl3 Packaging Type: 95 Kg Bottle, IBC, Tanker Releated Processes

Zinc Chloride

Appearance: White Crystal, Hygroscopic. Chemical Name: Zinc Chloride Chemical Formula: ZnCl2 Properties: Easy to dissolve in water Packaging Type: 25 Kg. in bags İlgili Süreçler


Appearance: Liquid odor specific. Chemical Name: AmmoniaAqueous, aquaammonia, Ammonia TS Chemical Formula: NH3 Package Type: 57 Kg Containers, 20 Ton Bulk, 900 Kg IBC Releated Processes

Iron Saver-01 (Acid Inhibitor)

Hydrochloric acid and the sulfuric acid solution, the surface after cleaning and prevents the unnecessary etching of layers of scale and rust on the steel and iron parts acid. This feature also ensures long bath life and healthy use of acids.