Hydrochloric acid is used for the use in sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid baths to prevent unnecessary wear of metals and to reduce hydrogen embrittlement.


  • Clemet Ci (Gas Breaker And Corrosion Inhibitor)

    It is produced for use in hydrochloric acid baths. It prevents the damage of steel during the cleaning of steel, iron and cast parts at acid baths up to 80-90%. In particular, it prevents the parts such as bolts from being exposed to the hydrogen embrittlement problem. It forms a light foam layer on the acid baths and prevents the acid steam escape.

  • Iron Saver-01 (Acid Inhibitor)

    Hydrochloric acid and the sulfuric acid solution, the surface after cleaning and prevents the unnecessary etching of layers of scale and rust on the steel and iron parts acid. This feature also ensures long bath life and healthy use of acids.