It is the process of coating aluminum and aluminum cast parts with chrome and chromium-free products which are preferred before powder coating. It is widely used by aluminum profile manufacturers. The choice of chrome or chromium-free products varies due to factors such as environment, treatment, quality and cost.


  • Phoric AL 1 (Yellow Chromate )

    Yellow chromate coating should be done by immersion method before electrostatic powder coating process of aluminum parts. 2-2.5% of the oil is treated for 1-5 minutes. Coating color from light yellow to brown. Paint manufacturer maximum corrosion manufacturer. Aluminum profile systems or aluminum door handle, modernized electrostatic paint can be preferred.

  • Phoric Z 11 (Chrome Free Coating)

    It is used to prepare aluminum parts for electrostatic powder coating process. The aluminum surface needs to be degreased and  cauterised(1g / m2). The coating bath without chrome plating should be installed with deionized water. Deionized water should be used in the rinse bath prior to coating. After coating, the aluminum parts are taken into drying ovens without rinsing and are ready for electrostatic powder coating. Provides high corrosion resistance.