It is formed by coating the steel surfaces in the zinc bath which is melted at about 4500c temperature. Hot-dip galvanizing is the wearing of steel. Therefore, hot dip galvanizing has been imposed on the use of steel in many areas, from construction and construction to the energy sector. Atun Kimya offers you the following chemicals in this field:

Hot-dip Galvanized Coating

Hot-dip Galvanized Coating


  • Clemet Emal 1 (Acidic Degreasing)

    It is a product used to clean the oil on iron and steel surfaces. It is used between 5-15%. It does not abrade much steel due to the inhibitors it contains. The hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid may then be added to the treatment baths. Bathroom control is simple.

  • Clemet Ci (Gas Breaker And Corrosion Inhibitor)

    It is produced for use in hydrochloric acid baths. It prevents the damage of steel during the cleaning of steel, iron and cast parts at acid baths up to 80-90%. In particular, it prevents the parts such as bolts from being exposed to the hydrogen embrittlement problem. It forms a light foam layer on the acid baths and prevents the acid steam escape.

  • Passivation

    The main purpose of treating hot-dip galvanized parts in passivation ponds after galvanizing is to prevent white oxidation and to prevent corrosion until it goes to the customer and to maintain product brightness.

  • Galvaclean

    It is used to purify double salt or three salt flux products from mud and iron during the purification operations.

  • Fluxtri Salts

    It is an economical galvanizing preparation which is used in hot dip galvanizing processes. It has three salts, making the steel or casting surfaces to be brighter.

  • Organic Acean 33 (Organic Acid)

    It is an organic product used for cleaning of steel, iron and cast parts from rust, tufal and impurities. It does not wash out metal much, does not emit any odors. Bathroom installation is recommended at 50% by weight.

  • Clemet Ga (Acid Vapor Blocker)

    It is used to prevent the vapor from hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid baths.