It is generally used in pre-paint preparation of wet and powder paint operations of metal surfaces. It is one of the oldest surface preparation methods known today. The main purpose of the product is to form a thin layer of phosphate on the surface, to ensure better adhesion of the paint to the surface. Iron phosphate coating operation is divided into 3 groups as the manual wiping method, dipping and spray methods.


  • PHORIC H (Hand Wipe Iron Phosphate)

    It is used for iron, steel, aluminum and galvanized parts and also for iron phosphate coating. The product is mixed with water at a rate of 10% and is applied by wiping with an absorbent body such as a sponge or cloth. Then rinse and drying should be done. Steel door, shelf and panel industry intensively prefer this product. It is an alternative to spray or dipping methods due to its low investment cost and easy usage.

  • PHORIC Z (Hand Wipe Iron Phosphate)

    It is an acidic product. It is used to remove the oil, iron, steel, aluminum and galvanized parts and to cover with a thin layer of phosphate. It is applied by wiping the metal surface with an absorbent object by mixing with 5-10% concentration of water. To remove the deep rust layer formed on the steel and iron surface, the concentration should be preferred between 10-20%. As the temperature increases, rust and oil removal will be accelerated. Requires rinsing and drying after this process.

  • PHORIC SD 16 (Spray and Dipping Iron Phosphate)

    Iron, steel, aluminum and galvanized parts are applied for iron phosphate coating before powder and wet paint. The concentration should be between 1-1.5%, the processing time is 1.5-2 minutes, the temperature should be between 45-50C. Phosphate coating weight of 0.2 - 0.7 g / m 2 is obtained. It can be used separately for dipping or spray applications, and can be used with neutral degreasing additives in a single treatment bath.

  • Phoric D (Dipping Iron Phosphate)

    It is an iron phosphate product that covers iron, steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. It is used to increase the corrosion resistance before powder and wet paint. Before the phosphate coating process, oil must be removed. Concentration should be between 2.5-3% and  treatment time should be 5-10 minutes, temperature should be 55-60 ° C.

  • Phoric K (Spray Iron Phosphate)

    It is a product which can be applied by pressure  machines such as Karcher in order to take iron and steel parts at ambient temperature and to coat them with iron phosphate. Concentration can be used at a rate of 5-10%.