Manganese phosphate coating is often used with oils and lubricants to reduce the friction coefficient of steel surfaces such as impellers or gears, to prevent abrasion and to provide maximum protection of parts against corrosion. Mainly used in the automotive and weapons sector.

Manganese Phosphate Coating


  • Phoric T 500 (Manganese Phosphate Coating)

    Installation at a concentration of 15% by weight, operating at 85-95 0C, processing time is about 5 to 10 minutes. Used for iron, steel and cast parts. The actuator must be used together with the product (PHORIC AK 5). The parts coated in the acid baths that left unneccesarily too much,  create thick manganese phosphate layers. Bathroom parameters and its control are easy. It provides a minimum of 48 hours of salt test when used with the recommended oils.

  • Phoric Ak 5 (Activator Product)

    Manganese is used to form a homogeneous, tight and smooth coating on steel, iron and cast surfaces used before phosphate coating. In order for the product to work effectively, the bath must be mixed with methods such as continuous ventilation. Installation amount is 7-11 g / Liter (0.7% - 1.1%) It works at ambient temperature, 1 minute processing time is sufficient, bath control is simple.