Other Chemicals


  • Ammonia

    Appearance: Liquid odor specific.
    Chemical Name: AmmoniaAqueous, aquaammonia, Ammonia TS
    Chemical Formula: NH3
    Package Type: 57 Kg Containers, 20 Ton Bulk, 900 Kg IBC

    Releated Processes

  • Ammonium Chloride

    Appearance: White Odorless Hygroscopic Powder.

    Chemical Name: Ammonia Salt

    Chemical Formula: NH4Cl

    Packaging Type: 25 Kg sacks

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  • Zinc Chloride

    Appearance: White Crystal, Hygroscopic.

    Chemical Name: Zinc Chloride

    Chemical Formula: ZnCl2

    Properties: Easy to dissolve in water

    Packaging Type: 25 Kg. in bags

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  • Iron 3 Chloride

    Appearance: Colored, Fragrant Liquid

    Chemical Name: Ferric Chloride, Iron (3+) Chloride

    Chemical Formula: FeCl3

    Packaging Type: 95 Kg Bottle, IBC, Tanker

    Releated Processes

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Appearance: Pale Blue Color

    Chemical name: Hydrogen dioxide solution

    Chemical Formula: H2 O2

    Packaging Type: 65 kg Canisters, Bottles, Tanker

  • Phoric Soap

    After zinc phosphating for wire drawing and pipe drawing operations, it provides corrosion resistance, prevents rusting and covers the steel wires and pipes with a slippery layer. Low carbon and annealed wires such as bolts are especially advantageous in gravitational operations. Creates a slippery surface and reduces dry soap costs depending on the reduction ratio (at single, double or triple block machines)

    The installation quantity is between 2-5%, the operating temperature is between 65-750C. The processing time is 3-5 minutes.

  • Liquid Caustic

    Appearance: Liquid

    Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide

    Chemical Formula: NaOH

    Type of Packaging: Cans

    Releated Processes

  • Liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)

    Appearance: Sharp-scented yellow color

    Chemical Name: Sodium hypochlorite

    Chemical Formula: CIONa

    Packaging Type: 30 Kg cans, Ibc

    Releated Processes

  • Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic)

    Appearance: White powder

    Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide

    Chemical Formula: NaOH

    Packaging Type: 25 Kg Sacks

    Releated Processes

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