Paint removers, electrostatic powder paint or wet paint coated metal surfaces, paint on the surface of the alkali or solvent-based products without causing damage to metal.


  • PS 10 (Solvent Paint Remover)

    It is a solvent based 100% concentration product. It dissolves the paint by melting and makes the paint to dissolve to the bottom of the bath without damaging the metal surfaces. It is recommended to use in plastic containers. Covering the bathroom significantly reduces the fly of the product. It is especially used in paint removal of multi-layer paint apparatus. The paint removal time of the product is between 3-60 minutes according to the resin of the paint. The amount of the product consumption varies according to the content of the paint.

  • PS 30 (Paint Remover)

    PS 30, electrostatic powder paint, wet paint and cataphoresis paint reaches the steel from the bottom, removing the surface of the paper as paper separates. The concentration of the product is 100%. By separating the paint residues from the surface with the help of the filter and closing the bath you use will extend the bath life. Usually used for incorrectly painted parts.