They are used to increase the resistance and neutralize the surface.


  • Phoric Pl 5 (Enamel Passivation)

    It is used as final treatment bath in order to neutralize iron and steel surfaces after acid baths in enamel coating lines. It is a high alkali product, its use and control is very simple.

  • Phoric Pl 8 (Neutralization Chemical)

    After zinc phosphating, it is a product used to prepare steel wire or drawn steel pipe and to prevent rust until drawing. Dry wire drawing machines are capable of carrying dry soap. It provides easy shooting. High alkaline structure and easy to use.

  • Phoric M 33 (Chromium-free Passivation)

    It is used after iron phosphate, zinc phosphate or zirconium coating baths in order to increase the adhesion strength and corrosion resistance of the paint before electrostatic powder coating. It is a liquid form product.