It is produced for thick zinc phosphate coating of tubes before tube drawing operations. Activation bath must be used before zinc phosphate bath to form a homogeneous and tight zinc phosphate layer. After the phosphate coating, we recommend the special type of lubricants according to the tube type. It is used for zinc phosphate coating of the wires before cold drawing and forming. Especially produced for rope manufacturers. It is used in dipping and patent lines.It provides plating weight of 7-10 g / m2, the temperature is 70-85 0 C degree and the processing time is 5-6 minutes. It provides 5-6 g / m2 coating weight in patent lines. PHORIC AK 1 (activation chemical) should be used before. Atun Kimya’s lubricants or soaps are recommended by us in order to increase wire drawing speed or to provide good corrosion resistance according to the characteristics of the job and the desired results.