It is a product used to clean the oil on iron and steel surfaces. It quickly cleans the oil on the materials and prevents them from moving to other baths, as well as the oil-free materials provide a much more faultless coating. It is used between 7-10% in installation. Due to the inhibitors it contains, it does not corrode the steel too much. After the degreasing process, the materials can be taken into hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid treatment baths. Bathroom control is simple.


It is produced for use in hydrochloric acid baths. During the cleaning of steel, iron and cast parts processed in acid baths, it prevents the steel from corroding more than it should be. Since a homogeneous surface is formed on properly cleaned steel, a secondary zinc saving is achieved. Extends the service life of acid baths.


It is used to prevent steam coming out of hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid baths. It creates a light foam layer on the acid baths and prevents the acid steam escape. While protecting human and environmental health, it prevents wear caused by acid vapor in the facility.


Materials immersed in the flux bath before galvanizing are coated with flux salts. It protects the steel from oxidation before galvanizing. It allows the steel to come into direct contact with the molten zinc. The flux bath cleans the last dirt, iron, oxides, sulfites, sulfates left on the steel and prevents them from being transported to the zinc furnace. Reduces Zinc ash and Zinc dross. The coating thickness can be significantly reduced. It increases the process speed. The quality of the coating increases.


Our flux product, which we produce in liquid form, contains high purity zinc and ammonium chloride salts. Liquid flux is easy to mix in the bath. It has all the advantages of the powder flux product.


Fluxwet is established by adding 0.5% concentration to the flux pool. Its main purpose is to adjust the surface tension of the bath and to minimize unnecessary flux consumption. It creates a homogeneous coating by minimizing the crystallization thickness. This formation accelerates the reaction in the molten zinc and ensures that the entire surface is covered.


Nickel Tablet provides up to 15% zinc savings. It prevents the effect of Silicon and Phosphorus on the coating thickness and provides a coating thickness in accordance with the standard. It provides a shiny and smooth coating surface. It increases the fluidity of the bath. It minimizes regional coating differences. It provides a homogeneous image.


Galvavıt, the new friend of the galvanizing world, will be your new assistant to control your furnace composition and make the highest quality production in the most economical way.


The main purpose of treating hot-dip galvanized parts in passivation pools after galvanization is to prevent white oxidation and to prevent corrosion until it reaches the customer, and to maintain product brightness. It is completely organic.