Atun Kimya

Our company, which was established in 2017, continues its production activities in its environmentally friendly factory located in Kartepe district of Kocaeli. Our company, which set out with the motto of continuous R&D and sustainable products, has become one of the most preferred brands in its field in Turkey and one of the most important brands of the sector in the world, without losing anything from its purpose of starting today.

Our company, which produces special process chemicals for the hot-dip and galvanized coating sector, has worked in this field and has taken on the task of process consultancy of the sector with its trained and experienced staff. Our company, which makes metal and chemical analyzes with its advanced laboratory, meets all the needs of the sector in this field free of charge. With continuous technical monitoring and reporting, it has become a solution partner for customers by adding value to their production.

Our company, which tries not to spread this culture to the world with its team trained in its field in Turkey and in various regions of the world, has opened its first representative office in Russia today and operates.

As ATUN chemistry, our aim is to create the building blocks of a constantly growing family with our customers and employees.

Our Basic Princibles

Our Basic Princibles





Our Mission

To add value to the production of its customers by producing environmentally friendly and sustainable "Products and Services" in line with the needs of the sector.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred brand that produces the best quality products in its field in the world.


Our Certificates